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ATS Construction has performed asphalt paving on all types of commercial/residential development, airport runway reconstruction, horse track/farm, construction, street resurfacing, and interstate rehabilitation projects throughout Kentucky.  Bituminous asphalt material can be produced at any of our four asphalt plant facilities to meet Transportation Cabinet specifications or tailored for a specific application.  All products are tested and certified at our AMRL accredited lab to ensure that every load produced will meet the highest quality standards.

ATS Construction is adapting to the ever changing world of storm water management through environmentally friendly design of porous pavement. Design of parking areas with porous pavements allow the water to flow through the pavement and naturally be absorbed into the ground.  This reduces the amount of runoff and promotes the cleanliness of streams and groundwater.

ATS Construction crews are capable of performing all preparation work required such as removal of asphalt, grading, placing of stone base, raising manholes, milling and texturing. ATS Construction will be glad to provide on-site technical assistance to guide a project from the concept stages through completion.